Our services range from flyer packs, hand-to-hand flyering, shop flyer and poster drops, to online marketing.

Street promotion is our area of expertise. It is still the most powerful form of marketing and allows us to directly target relevant audiences. Our long-standing relationship with the venues' staff and the security teams allow us to operate in the best spots and to reach maximum number of people before and after shows.

We have been following and analysing the London music scene for many years, and that gives us the basis to ensure the most effective promotional campaigns.

Our years of experience in music promotion have given us an in-depth knowledge of each venue's:

  • Capacity

  • Layout (entrances/exits)

  • Busy hours

  • Security rules

  • General ins and outs of events

These unique insights enable us to provide a flexible service, which can be tailored to suit promotion companies of any size: from small independent promoters, venues or records labels to big festivals and established institutions.

Our flyer packs are the only 'indie' promotional packs in town. They are a reliable, efficient and integral part of promotion and are easily recognised by London's gig-goers.

To maximise the impact of your campaign we also offer flyer drops and indoor postering, as well as online marketing.


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